Kid’s Parties

We build and keep a database of Kid’s birthdays for our clients, send reminders and coordinate with parents to plan your children’s birthday. We understand how busy parents can be so we offer to take care of the party from remembering, to planning to execution.

  • Birthdays
  • Baptisms
  • Birthday Reminders ( please give us the birthdays of your children and we store these for you)
  • Birthday Cakes delivery
  • Birthday preparation/presentation ( both at school and at home)
  • Baptism gifts and more gifts for various occasions
  • Gift/card sourcing ( gift packs from 40,000/= onward)

Ice Cream Parlour

Here at Selonie Kids Centre, we manufacture and sell ice cream,  frozen goodies to our customers. We combine awesome varieties and flavors of ice cream, with over 500 amazing toys and play adventures for Kids

Gifts and Presents

Kids love presents that are custom-made just for them. For example, if we stitched hi or her names on a backpack, that would be a really special gift for a girl or boy. At Selonie, we provide collections of gifts for kids. Whether you’re looking for something Crafty, something Scientific, or something to brighten up their mood, you’ll find it all here.

Pay to Play Games