About Us

Welcome to Selonie Kids Centre. We are a large store for children’s clothing, toys, furniture and games.

Finding Children’s themes

We help you you find the right items to make your entire family of creative children, work hard and play hard, and follow your desired theme.

Trendy Clothes

We stock the latest trendy clothing designs for children of all ages – from new borns through toddlers and upto teenage years.

Children’s Parties

You’ll find children’s party swag of all types, kid’s games from in to outdoor game provisions, educatuional games to digital games, and so much more for your kids.

Children’s Games

Looking for children’s games? We have a broad range of entertaining children’s games here at Selonie. From Board-based games, science kits to educate your children while they’re having fun, Jigsaws & Puzzles, language games,


Kids’ Toys, Clothes, Gifts & Parties

Order Online

We deliver same day on online orders for clients within Uganda. You can place an order for any itme on this website and we deliver it to you with same day. Please read Online Terms.

  • All prices in Uganda Shillings (UGX)
  • The prices information about delivery within Uganda is available on each order when checking out on our website.